How Expensive is a Home Inspection?

Inspector Tries to Identify Gutter Problems to Answer the Question "How Much is a Home Inspection"

Home inspections vary by State and inspector. In Keller, TX a home inspection typically costs in the $500 range. That is applicable to nearby cities throughout the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex, as well. It is important for homeowners to understand why they need an inspection and where to find a qualified inspector. By studying…

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3 Reasons to Sell Your Home to an iBuyer

Sell Home to iBuyer

There’s a new real estate trend known as iBuyer Pro and anyone looking to sell a home should consider its pros and cons. Traditionally, the selling process has been long and sometimes painful but iBuyer Pro (the “i” stands for Instant) streamlines the entire ordeal. Sellers can simply enter their home address into the iBuyer’s…

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Living in Justin, TX (FAQ + Real Estate Info)

Living in Justin, TX

You’re probably wondering, what is it like living in Justin, TX? Although Justin is a relatively small city in Denton County it is quickly growing as more people realize its appeal. Expansive rural properties intrigue potential buyers. Also, highly-rated school systems attract families. Frequently Asked Questions Is Justin, TX a Good Place to Live? Justin,…

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7 Affordable Curb Appeal Ideas for Keller Homeowners

Curb Appeal Keller

Curb appeal is a big consideration for Keller homeowners. Not only does it increase the value of your home, but it makes for a superior living experience during your residence. While some homes come equipped with premium curb appeal, others require additional projects to improve aesthetics. There are a variety of measures homeowners can take…

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6 Home Inspection Fails (+ How to Fix Them)

Home Inspection Fails

Closing on your Keller home is a proud moment, but occasionally home inspection fails can ruin the excitement. Sellers know that failed inspections can create expensive scenarios in order to put your home on the market. Buyers know these inspection fails could prevent a final closing. Grove Team presents the following list of common home…

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6 Great Reasons to Stage Your Home

Home Staging

Sellers often wonder whether staging their home is really necessary. Is it easier to sell a house empty or furnished? The reality is that home staging can help expedite the sales process and even increase the perceived value of your home. As a seller, your goal is to get the best price for your property…

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Living in Keller, TX (Real Estate Tips + Info)

Living in Keller, TX

Living in Keller, TX is a great experience for homeowners. With acclaimed school districts, top neighborhoods, and city events, there are many reasons why Keller has become one of the top destinations for families looking to make the move to DFW (or within it). Frequently Asked Questions Is Keller TX a Good Place to Live?…

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5 Preparation Steps for New Keller Homeowners

Having just purchased your new Keller home, there are steps that should be taken promptly. Grove Team Keller Williams is here to assist new homeowners with each step in the process. As one of the leading realtors in DFW and Keller specifically, we have the knowledge and experience required to ensure your transition goes as…

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4 Ways To Reduce Traffic Noise in Your Backyard

Backyard Space Protected from Noise

Traffic noise can be disturbing for a homeowner, especially those who value sitting in their backyard space. After all, backyards often host inground pools and patios for relaxation during the warmer months. With this in mind, many homeowners wonder; how can I reduce traffic noise in my backyard? Too much background noise can be a…

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How Much Value Does a Pool Add?

How Much Value Does a Pool Add

Swimming pools can be fun for homeowners and their families, especially if you love to swim. But what many homeowners wonder is; how much value does a pool add to my home? Some even wonder if pools can decrease property value. First things first: It depends on location. Being in Dallas – Fort Worth, the…

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