The Selling Process

Seller's Checklist

Seller's Checklist

Preparing for Pictures

Research shows that 99% OF BUYERS PREVIEW PROPERTIES ON THE INTERNET before selecting homes to visit. Our shared goal is to make your home enticing to buyers.


  • Think model home appearance: neat, clean, well decorated, and free of clutter
  • Remove anything hanging from the back of doors or door knobs
  • Move any pet beds, food bowls, and litter boxes to the utility room
  • Turn off TVs, computer monitors, and ceiling fans
  • Remove family photos from walls and table tops
  • Clear furniture of items that are not decorative
  • Pull back drapes or curtains
  • Remove throw rugs
  • Minimize seasonal decorations
  • Secure personal paperwork, mail, prescriptions, and weapons


  • Empty the sink and remove hand soap, sponges, or dish cloths
  • Store small electrical appliances out of sight
  • Clear off countertops
  • Clear the front, sides, and top of the refrigerator
  • Remove towels hanging from handles of appliances or drawers
  • Remove booster chairs or high chairs from the dining area


  • Cover sheets, blankets, mattress, and bed frame completely with spreads, comforters, or bed skirts
  • Make sure that nothing shows under the beds
  • Put away phone chargers, remotes, personal items, and medical equipment


  • Remove soiled towels and wash cloths, and replace with clean folded ones
  • Remove toothbrushes, shavers, hand gel, and other personal items from vanity and shower
  • Remove all toys and personal items from bath and shower including racks that hang on showerhead and bath scales – and put away the toilet plunger!
  • Pull back shower curtain


  • Neatly trim shrubs and tree limbs that obstruct the view or any entry to your home
  • Remove hoses (unless hidden by shrubs), gardening tools, toys, and unsightly lawn furniture
  • Replace dead plants and fill empty pots with colorful plants

Preparing for Buyers

Prepare for Showings

  • Expect short notice and maintain your home in ready-to-show condition as described on the previous page
  • Increase the buyers’ comfort level by giving them privacy by leaving or stepping outside and

maintaining your distance

  • Showcase your home as if you were receiving guests: put out fresh flowers, guest towels, and remove any pet or cooking odors
  • Secure medications, valuables, and weapons
  • Turn off television programs, but create ambience by playing soft instrumental music

Maximize Curb Appeal

  • Implement a seasonal grounds cleanup
  • Create interest and add color by planting blooming flowers and shrubs
  • Repaint any faded or peeling exterior wood or siding
  • Trim shrubs or trees, especially those that touch the roof or extend over walkways and pools
  • Keep exterior holiday decorations to a minimum

Light Sells Houses

  • Clean light fixtures, remove any visible coil type light bulbs, install maximum wattage bulbs as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Clean windows and open drapes and blinds
  • Leave lights on as much as possible during the day: lamps, niche lighting, and spotlights give your home a cozy feel

Spruce Up the Interior

  • Touch up interior paint or repaint entire rooms as necessary
  • Clean carpets to remove stains and odors - repair and re-stretch if necessary
  • Re-caulk bathroom tubs and showers
  • Make sure all doors, including closet doors, open freely and latch securely
  • Maximize kitchen and bathroom counter space by clearing countertops
  • Keep interior holiday decorations to a minimum

Buyer Inspections

Buyer Inspections

Sample Inspection Report

Inspection Report

Contract to Close

Contract to Closing Chart


The CLOSING PROCESS finalizes the legal transfer of your home and completes the financial transaction.

Items to bring to closing:

  • Government issued picture identification
  • Blank voided check or certified funds

What can you expect?

The title company escrow officer has examined the closing documents. She or he has made sure that you receive any monies due you, that taxes, broker professional fees, and other closing costs are paid, and that the buyer’s title is recorded.

What are your costs?

Sellers commonly pay the following at closing:

  • Mortgage balance and prepayment penalties, if applicable
  • Other claims against your property, such as unpaid property taxes or HOA dues
  • Real estate broker professional fees and title insurance premiums
  • Title company legal and recording fees

After the closing, make sure you keep the following for tax purposes:

  • Copies of all closing documents
  • All home improvement receipts on the home you sold