5 Best Neighborhoods in Keller, TX

Are you looking for the best neighborhoods in Keller, TX? Grove Team Keller Williams has decades of experience with helping prospective homeowners find their dream home. Let’s take a look at some of the best neighborhoods:

1) Harmonson Farms

Harmonson Farms is a top-rated neighborhood in Keller. Known for its manicured lawns and cul-de-sacs, the quiet area is appealing for its variety of perks. Its origin dates back about 16 years, to 2004. It’s especially attractive to home buyers looking for larger lot sizes.

The majority of Harmonson Farms properties were built in the 2004-2009 range. As of 2020, the homes are still among the best in the city. About 145 homes comprise Harmonson Farms, with an average acreage of about 1/2. The typical square footage of a Cherry Grove home is between 3,000 and 5,500 square feet.

Families looking into Keller homes may be intrigued by the neighborhood. The average home within this community has a garage to go along with the previously mentioned 1/2 acre and 5,000 square feet.

Residents can attend Keller-Harvel Elementary School, which feeds into Bear Creek Intermediate. Each is considered an excellent school within the highly sought after Keller ISD school district.

Harmonson Farms homes generally close at prices between $470,000 and $785,000.

The typical Harmonson Farms home has between 4-6 bedrooms and 3-5 bathrooms.

The typical parking area is a garage.

Origin: 2004

Price Range:470k – 785k

Lot Size: 0.5 acres (average)

Beds / Baths: 5/4 (average)

Homes for sale in Harmonson Farms

2) Creekwood at Hidden Lakes

Creekwood at Hidden Lakes is a highly-rated neighborhood in Keller, Texas. The community comprises an East and West division, but residents hardly view them as separate. The neighborhood’s development dates back as far as 2000, which is now 20 years ago. Its homes are appealing for their high-grade amenities and convenient location.

With about 240 homes in the neighborhood, most were built between 2000 and 2006.

The area is north of Bear Creek Parkway and leads to Sky Creek Ranch Golf Club. Some homes are grounded high enough to form a scenic view of the Fort Worth skyline. In contrast to other nearby neighborhoods, Creekwood at Hidden Lakes is known for custom homes.

Residents can send their children to Hidden Lakes Elementary and eventually Keller High School. The Keller ISD school district is one of the most appealing to families looking for a home in the DFW area.

Creekwood at Hidden Lakes homes range in price from $345,000 to $745,000.

The average home has 3 to 5 bedrooms and 2 to 4 bathrooms.

The most common parking type is a garage.

Origin: 2000

Price Range: 345k-745k

Lot Size: 0.25 acres (average)

Beds / Baths: 4/3 (average)

Homes for sale in Creekwood at Hidden Lakes

3) Stonebridge

Stonebridge is a popular gated community in Keller. Its development dates back to 1998 and is still considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing collections of homes in the city. Houses constructed in this community are heavily wooded and praised for their upscale finishes.

Stonebridge has about 100 custom homes, most of which were built between 1998 and 2004. The expected square footage is between 3,300 and 6,800.

The community is located north of 1709 and west of Pearson. Residents can enjoy a private pond.

Stonebridge homeowners are eligible for Keller ISD and will initially attend Florence Elementary School and eventually Keller High School.

Stonebridge homes range in price from $699,000 to $1,100,000.

A typical home has 4 to 6 bedrooms and 3 to 6 bathrooms.

The expected parking area is a 3-car garage.

Origin: 1998

Price Range: 699k-1.1m

Lot Size: 0.5-1 acres

Beds / Baths: 5/5 (average)

Homes for sale in Stonebridge

No properties found

4) Overton Ridge

Overton Ridge is a great place to live in Keller. Developed from 2000-2007, this neighborhood offers rolling terrain within a metroplex area. Great for families looking for a combination of both to go along with stylish interiors and impressive floor plans

The neighborhood consists of just over 200 homes, most of which were built in the 2000-2007 range outlined earlier. An Overton Ridge home’s square footage spans from about 3,000 to 5,000 square feet.

Overton Ridge is located north of Mt. Gilead and east of Bourland. Its proximity to Overton Ridge Park (an 8-acre park in Keller) is one of its many appealing features.

Enjoy being part of the renowned Keller ISD school system in this neighborhood. Overton Ridge children can attend Ridgeview Elementary, followed by Bear Creek Intermediate, Keller Middle School, and finally, Keller High School.

Overton Ridge homes typically close between a price of $489,000 and $680,00.

The average home consists of 4 to 5 bedrooms and 3 to 5 bathrooms.

A typical home has 4 to 5 bedrooms and 3 to 4 bathrooms.

The most common parking area is a garage.

Origin: 2000

Price Range: 489k-680k

Lot Size: .33 – 1 acres

Beds / Baths: 4.5/3.5 (average)

Homes for sale in Overton Ridge

5) Bourland Oaks

Bourland Oaks is one of the top neighborhoods in Keller, TX. It is known for its impressive homes that are also within a reasonable price range. The community’s legacy goes back to 2004 when home construction first started. Its development has been ongoing and appealing to new homebuyers.

Bourland Oaks is located in the northwest area of Keller, Texas. It is estimated to encompass approximately 90 homes. Most homes were built within the 2004-2012 range. It belongs to the Keller ISD school district. An average lot size lies between .25 and .4 acres.

Bourland Oaks is ideal for families looking for single-family homes. Though no specific theme represents the homes in the community, its variance is appealing to many.

Bourland Oaks homes generally cost between 490,000 – 725,000.

The average Bourland Oaks home has four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The most common parking area is a garage.

Origin: 2004

Price Range: 490k-725k

Lot Size: 0.25 – 4 acres

Beds / Baths: 4/4 (average)

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