3 Reasons to Sell Your Home to an iBuyer

Sell Home to iBuyer

There’s a new real estate trend known as iBuyer Pro and anyone looking to sell a home should consider its pros and cons. Traditionally, the selling process has been long and sometimes painful but iBuyer Pro (the “i” stands for Instant) streamlines the entire ordeal. Sellers can simply enter their home address into the iBuyer’s website form and receive a cash offer in as little as 24 hours. The seller will then of course decide whether to go through with the sale, which can be closed in days if needed. Here are 3 reasons to sell your home to an iBuyer:

1) Avoid Disruptive House Showings

No need to rearrange your schedule for house showings because there won’t be any. iBuyers who purchase your home are then responsible for showing the home to potential buyers. You will already have sold your home by the time showings start. This dynamic also helps future buyers since they have a greater opportunity to tour the vacant house.¬†This kind of accessibility empowers the buyer to make a more informed purchasing decision.

2) Offers are More Business Oriented

A cash buyer who has bought lots of homes is not going to drive up the price for sentimental reasons. Many of the hurdles buyers have to jump over in a traditional sales process are eradicated by the iBuyer platform. These sellers simply make a business transaction that is both swift and painless without getting into any kind of extracurricular negotiation. This also helps facilitate a stress-free move-in which can be on whatever date the buyer prefers.

3) Closings are Faster

An iBuyers mentality is far different from that of a traditional buyer. We spoke about how that plays out with offers but it also extends to closings. Vacant homes are the norm with iBuyers, rather than the exception. Because of this, expedited closings are not only preferred, but they are encouraged. This dynamic typically allows for a smooth process because both the buyer and seller are motivated to close as quickly as possible, without incident.

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