5 Preparation Steps for New Keller Homeowners

Having just purchased your new Keller home, there are steps that should be taken promptly. Grove Team Keller Williams is here to assist new homeowners with each step in the process. As one of the leading realtors in DFW and Keller specifically, we have the knowledge and experience required to ensure your transition goes as smoothly as possible. Check out these 5 preparation steps for new Keller homeowners:

1) Get Organized

Write up a list of all the items that were moved from your old location to your new home. Items left behind will be replaced with new ones, whether it is furniture, decoration, or tools and devices. Once you document what your new home has, and what it needs, you can begin to do budget-oriented research on how to replace your items for a reasonable price. Search organization APPs on your IOS or Android device to help to streamline the process. 

2) Learn The Area

When moving to a new town or city, one of the greatest adjustments is learning the area. For this reason, it’s best to learn navigation prior to moving. Drive around the neighborhood of your home and find routes to nearby locations like grocery stores, fitness centers, and shopping centers. You can download the WAZE app for IOS to help you find your way around initially.

3) Set Time To Relax

Moving is a stressful experience, and the worst thing to do is to compound it by feeling like everything must get done NOW. Moving is a process, and it’s best to define times throughout your day to simply relax. You might still have boxes in a corner, but remember not everything HAS to go up at once. You might find a more gradual process lowers your anxiety. If not, there’s no arguing with your intuition.

4) Schedule Landscaping

If you’ve yet to move into your home, you might want it to look just right when you arrive — well at least the exterior. You can achieve this bliss by hiring a local landscaper and/or tree treatment company to assess the condition of your lawn, garden, and everything green surrounding your home. From an aesthetic standpoint, a freshly manicured lawn is envious.

5) Service Appointments

Because TVs are typically unplugged nowadays (No Cable), not as many service appointments will be scheduled as their once might have been. Still, a fair share of them is still all but mandatory. Whether it’s installing internet service with Wi-Fi routers and the likes, or a pool technician checking your current water levels, it’s best to mark these appointments on your calendar. Use Google Calendar to set reminders for when these are scheduled.