4 Ways To Reduce Traffic Noise in Your Backyard

Backyard Space Protected from Noise

Traffic noise can be disturbing for a homeowner, especially those who value sitting in their backyard space. After all, backyards often host inground pools and patios for relaxation during the warmer months. With this in mind, many homeowners wonder; how can I reduce traffic noise in my backyard?

Too much background noise can be a deterrent to a healthy lifestyle. It can increase stress, decrease focus, and even disturb sleep schedules. The good news is that homeowners have some control over how much background noise impacts their lovely home. Here are some of the actions you can take to help:

Minimize Traffic Noise with Walls and Fencing

1) Put up Fences and/or Walls

Building a fence is a common-sense action homeowners can take to reduce background noise. For those who live in an especially loud neighborhood, a wall might be more suitable. Some even recommend going with an acoustic fence that cancels out the noise so you can enjoy your backyard peacefully. The extent to which you invest will depend on how egregious the noise is in your area.

Whichever material you choose, it is critical that the barrier fully covers the area you want protected. Even minimal cracks can allow noise to seep through. You should also consider height, density, and proper placement. If the density is out of whack, vibrations can cause as much of a disturbance as actual sound. Similarly, incorrect placement of the barrier will eliminate most of its intended benefits. We recommend you consult with a fencing expert prior to making this kind of investment.

2) Soak Up Sound With Greens

Trees, plants, and any kind of greenery can help reduce backyard noise. What’s even better, is that they also add curb appeal to your home and can significantly increase its resale value. The fact that they are good at deflecting sounds is just another great reason to add them to your home’s exterior. The combination of greenery with fencing can make for a dynamic duo of noise protection.

There are a few types of plants that are highly recommended for noise reduction. Evergreen shrubs and jumpier plants are two of the most highly touted for this purpose. Part of their charm is not only that they absorb sound, but that they create more aesthetically pleasing sounds when hit with wind… which not only blocks worse sounds but adds even more value to your backyard.

3) Landscape Design for Noise Reduction

Not every homeowner has the option for a fence and so landscaping becomes the next best option. Investing in a professional landscaper with experience in noise reduction can really make a difference. The object is to dig deep and lower outdoor spaces so that the soundwaves are missing its direct line.

The opposite approach is also useful in some cases, which is to raise the foundation of the landscape. Just like the direct line is avoided with lowered landscapes, the same is true of higher ones. This type of landscape can be accentuated with a garden full of plants that also protect your home against noise.

4) Pump in Replacement Sounds

We all know the difference between disturbing sounds and pleasant ones. We talked a bit about plants that actually sound good with the wind. These types of noises are actually peaceful for homeowners and can help them relax, sleep, and enjoy their home’s exterior. Another idea for pleasant sound is a water fountain. Water creates what most consider to be a very pleasing sound.

Another option is music by the way of outdoor speaker systems. If you find yourself bothered by traffic noise during outdoor get-togethers, it makes sense to drown it out with some good music. Most systems allow for Bluetooth connectivity which makes it easy to have music playing whenever you wish. Obviously, this is not as applicable for sleep hours but can certainly help with outdoor recreation.