6 Ways to Convert Your Attic to a Loft

If you need additional living space in your Keller home, consider the attic. Switching your attic into a loft is not that difficult. You might find that the process is even enjoyable. Here are 6 ways to convert your attic to a loft in 2019 and beyond.

1. Flooring

The floor is the best place to start. The first phase includes supportive beams, subflooring, and insulation. From there you can install some cost-effective carpeting to make the place look presentable and feel comfortable. You might even consider some rugs or other decor spicers for additional value.

2. Windows & Electrical Outlets

Making the attic a loft requires proper lighting. Contacting a local window contractor to get some natural light into your loft. During nights, the light must come from electricity which means you will have to install some electrical outlets. Consider adding unique light styles that add some unpredictability to your new room.

3. Shelving

A great loft has different built-in shelves. Whether you want to relax and read a good book, or you simply want to ensure that no clutter exists within the room, shelving is the answer. For a loft-feel, shelving built into the walls are an especially good look. They may even add to the resale value of your home.

4. Lighter Colors for Space Perception

Light colors create a perception of space in your attic turned loft. White lights are a great choice for this scenario. With that being said, any lighter shade of light will do the trick. When you and others enter the loft, the area will seem open and the height will be highlighted.

5. Get Creative With Furniture Placement

Attic ceilings are normally on a slant, which makes furniture placement a little bit nontraditional. Use your creative side to decide where you should pace furniture in your loft. The center of the attic (loft) is usually the best for chairs, tables, and couches. You may even have bean bags or sectionals. 

6. Add a Television and Network Streaming

What’s a loft without entertainment? Your newly installed electrical outlets give you the opportunity to install a television and perhaps a router or modem. If you are looking to have a smart TV, you are going to need Wi-Fi connectivity. Having a loft with Netflix & Hulu available is going to make the room’s experience that much better. 

Final Thoughts for Keller Homeowners

Sometimes the jobs required for your new loft will need professional assistance. It’s always wise to consult with a professional contractor prior to making major changes to your home. There are exceptions, of course, like for people who are expert DIY home renovators, or individuals who have commercial experience with home remodeling.